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    Minkeyan Safety Technology Glass Co., ltd. was founded in 1997. There were more than 20 years experience in the filed of professional operation of glass processing industry. Nowdays, the assets of Minkeyan Glass have been over hundred millions, 5 professional production lines, and more than 200 employees.
    Minkeyan Glass is headquartered in Qinhuangdao City Industrial Park. The layout has been initially completed which includes glass processing, glass wholesale & retail and product export. Minkeyan Glass's service area has radiated into a number of well-known construction enterprises and projects home and abroad, especially, has reached a deep cooperation with CSG and SYP. Beijing Wangjing SOHO, Harbin Grand Theatre and other such kind of national landmark projects are Minkeyan Glass's Representative works. And in the meantime, its productions have exported to the United States, Germany, South Korea, Russia, Canada, the Middle East and other countries. And has enjoyed a high reputation and market share in the international market. Minkeyan Glass has become a symbol of superior difficulty glass processing in Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei province area. And it is one of the largest production base that makes glass curtain wall.
    Minkeyan Glass has been committed to the glass products, industrial environmental protection, health, renewable technology improvement and upgrading. And to realize the harmonious development of enterprises, society and natural environment has always been its strategic goal. Minkeyan Glass's main productions are Low-E glass, Low iron glass,Tempered glass,Bent tempered glass,Laminated glass,Insulated glass Enameled glass,Fire-resistan glass,Heat soaked thermally tempered glass. In the meantime of providing products, the company also provides technical support, construction training and other aspects of the coordination and service to its partners.

    > Culture
    > History
    Minkeyan Glass was founded.
    Minkeyan Glass choose a new location to expand its factory area after 10 years unremitting efforts.
    Minkeyan Glass continues to expand its factory area what is due to the rapid development of domestic construction industry, and invests to build the largest production line of tempered glass and laminated glass in the north part of China.
    Minkeyan Glass carried out deep cooperation with CSG who has been the top three of the domestic industry , and its products have been applied to domestic and international famous landmarks.
    Minkeyan Glass expanded overseas markets and got the north American construction industry certification. And then forward to accumulate a large number of overseas market technology of product and marketing experience.
    Minkeyan Glass reformed of the company's operations and product lines deeply and entered a new stage of refined management and big data marketing.
    > Equipment

    Through more than 20 years scientific research ,Minkeyan Safety Technology Glass Co., ltd. has got the ISO9001-2008 international quality management system certification; National mandatory CCC security certification; Fire protection certification; SGCC certificationof the United States and the North American construction industry certification.
    And has reached a deep cooperation with domestic famous CSG and SYP.

    Minkeyan Glass has invested to its hardware device constantly. Nowdays, the company has possessed  3 sets of full-automatic cutting machine, 10 sets of edge grinding equipment, 4 tempered production lines , 3 full-automatic laminated production lines, 1 full-automatic insulating production line and 1 full-automatic silkscreen production line. The layout of Minkeyan’s  glass industry has began to take shape and will continue to grow.

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